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Wouldn't it be lovely if, with just a twitch of the nose, life, or any aspect of it could be changed. Instead, positive changes always seem to involve tremendously hard work, determination, and endless setbacks. How lovely it would be to have the powers of Samantha Stephens.

Friday, May 12, 2006


I woke with the sun (and some barking dogs) around 4:30. I lay in bed, trying not to think or to listen to the dogs. Finally I got up and did my morning routine. I took Darrin, Jr. to school at 6:30 to catch a field trip bus, then came home, made sure Tabitha and Adam were getting ready, and went for a run.

I run on a ridge above the town. It's a dirt road--lots of people walk or run up there, bring their dogs and let them run (which I hate!), etc. No one was there today. It was a little cold, but not bad. I watched the sun melt the frost on the long prairie grass as I ran on the dirt road. The birds were singing, wildflowers are everywhere--it was beautiful. After about 2 miles, I cut down and back into the paved/sidewalk areas so my legs/shins/ankles/knees get used to running on other surfaces. I ran another couple of miles on pavement and concrete on my way home.

I took my kids and the carpool girls to school. Tabitha's class has a field trip today, as well. They'll be home around 5:00 this evening. I got home to find my phone full of messages. I answered most of them. Significant among them were the following: 1. Our landlord's wife died. This could create some changes for the ownership of the house in the next little while. 2. My students are taking piano exams for the Royal American Conservatory over the next two weeks, and the Conservatory wants to change everyone's scheduled times. This could create chaos for me, since I'm in charge of the practical exams. 3. Janie, wants me to call her--no reason given. 4. My sister who is living in Germany wants to talk to me. She actually called back while I was on the phone, so I spent some time talking to her. My first student arrived while I was on the phone. I hung up and taught piano lessons for a couple of hours.

I went to work for a few hours, then came home so I'd be there when Darrin, Jr. and Adam got home. Darrin, Jr wanted to talk. The date for tomorrow isn't going to happen because KC's parents are out of town. He's really bummed. Darrin, Jr. got started on his homework, and the phone started ringing. It was KC--she wants to go out on Saturday. DJ (tired of writing Darrin, Jr.) quickly called David to see if they could go out on Saturday, they made arrangements to do so, DJ called KC and got things set up, then he came up to talk to me. David and DJ have made plans to make dinner for the girls, but neither of them wanted to cook. Sometimes, on hot summer days, I buy French bread, different cheeses (some hard, some spreadable), pepperoni and salami, prosciutto, fresh berries/grapes/other fruits, sliced peppers/tomatoes, cucumbers, and DJ loves it! He wants to do something like this on Saturday, and take the girls to a small park to eat, but neither he nor David knows where/what/how to shop. I told him I'd take them to the store and show them the ropes if they wanted that. DJ called David--who was more enthused about shopping than he should be--and arranged for us to go at 6:00.

Adam and I picked up Tabitha at 5:00. I told them we were having leftovers for supper--they could choose anything in the fridge. Adam was put out because I didn't invite him on the shopping expedition with David and DJ. I told him this was THEIR thing, his day would come in a few years. Of course, that didn't help. He had a meltdown about being excluded, having no friends, etc. I just hugged him and said I was sorry he was sad, but he still couldn't come.

DJ and I picked up David at 6:00. DJ and David immediately began comparing the look of pistachios (because David had been eating them) to boogers, the smell of parmasan cheese and garlic to stinky feet... I can't go on. I finally told them they could no longer speak in my car. They, of course, thought they were hilarious, but did stop talking about those lovely things. We got to the store and discussed budget. I showed them the different meats and cheeses (all imported and YUMMY), different breads, which fruits and vegetables were currently in season--the amazing thing is that they ACTUALLY listened and made plans for what they would purchase tomorrow. I guess teens aren't hopeless.

DJ and I went home. He finished his homework, and Darrin, Tabitha, and I dressed up and went to a wedding reception for a family friend/former piano student. We stayed till around 8:30, then went home and put the kids to bed. Darrin and I talked for awhile, then went to bed, as well. What a day.


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