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Wouldn't it be lovely if, with just a twitch of the nose, life, or any aspect of it could be changed. Instead, positive changes always seem to involve tremendously hard work, determination, and endless setbacks. How lovely it would be to have the powers of Samantha Stephens.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Samantha needs..."

Okay, so I found this old internet game you can play, and it goes like this:
Google your name and the word "needs" in quotes, then list the top 20 things you need. My results:

1. Samantha needs sex.
2. Samantha needs prayers and financial support.
3. Samantha needs to have highly stable, consistent, predictable environments.
4. Samantha needs some cheering up.
5. Samantha needs a home.
6. Samantha needs a best friend.
7. Samantha needs adoptive parents who are willing to meet her needs for structure.
8. Samantha needs to learn to fill her own personal emptiness to save her own life.
9. Samantha needs to develop material for a multi-media environment.
10. Samantha needs to develop worker participation programs.
11. Samantha needs a better looking guy.
12. Samantha needs a laptop.
13. Samantha needs salvation.
14. Samantha needs to have an area set aside for her to rest when necessary.
15. Samantha needs frequent transfusions.
16. Samantha needs to have OAC physics.
17. Samantha needs physiotherapy sessions thre to four times a day.
18. Samantha needs a tan and a waxing.
19. Samantha needs rest.
20. Samantha needs surgery.

Now you and the google know more about me than I knew about myself!!


  • At Sunday, April 15, 2007 12:29:00 PM, Blogger drex said…

    Heh, apparently I'm a lot more complicated than you are. Or at least, I have more enemies.

    1. Drex needs to suffer severe bodily harm (oh dear)
    2. Drex needs to f--- off and die in a river of sh-- (OH DEAR)
    3. Drex needs to convince Cindy that his idea is the right approach
    4. Drex needs your help! Even though snowmobile season is over for most of us, it is not over for Drex.
    5. Drex needs to pay $10 so that all his answers to this question can be shown
    6. Drex needs help
    7. Drex needs consistency, patience, structure and supervision
    8. Drex needs a nurturing, attentive, and patient family who will care for him, respect him for who he is, and provide the guidance necessary...
    9. We will never fulfill half of what Drex needs
    10. Drex needs Our [sic] support
    11. Drex needs help staying focused on his schoolwork
    12. Drex needs to become more proportional
    13. Drex needs 2 hookers & an 8 ball! (I do?)
    14. Drex needs someone to make fun of to divert the attention away from himself for a minute
    15. Drex needs quite a bit of help with the upcoming ISU Fall Classic
    16. Drex needs a nightlife district
    17. Bingo will be chosen specifically to meet Drex's needs
    18. Drex needs continued continued assistance to help him to deal with past issues that arise
    19. Drex needs a Vacation From His Vacation
    20. Drex needs a dancing partner

  • At Sunday, April 15, 2007 12:43:00 PM, Blogger The Hidden Gay said…

    Whee. this was fun, though not as exciting as dying in rivers of poo.

    1. I got some good laughs out of what Hidden needs
    2. Dirty Hidden needs a wash - or at least a dry clean
    3. Hidden needs to become more tolerant
    4. Hidden needs to do further investigations
    5. Hidden needs editing! Badly!
    6. Perhaps Hidden needs a Ph.D. in getting help?
    7. For Hidden needs it actually turned up several blogs who had already compiled lists. So apparently Hiddens don't need blogs. (No wonder I haven't made one yet... I knew there was a reason!)
    8. Hidden needs your prayers
    9. Hidden needs an environment that requires him to communicate
    10. Hidden needs to be with others, including people who know him
    11. Hidden needs your help
    12. How was your career shaped by Hidden's needs?
    13. Hidden needs someone to really flesh out what he is about...unicorns, dragons...and sandwich making (I'm feeling a little weird...)
    14. Hidden needs support from a stable and harmonious family
    15. Hidden needs to play some music
    16. Hidden needs to be able to do this work independently
    17. Catherine feels as though Hidden's needs far overshadow her own in the family do you tell your mother that Hidden needs his own words?
    18. Hidden needs to ride his luck
    19. Hidden needs an involved parent who has the energy and skills to deal with him
    20. Hidden needs proposed dates in order to schedule rooms (what kind of dates?)


  • At Sunday, April 15, 2007 3:03:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My needs are a bit frightening...

    1. The Seven Strangers move in, and Ugly Swan needs surgery.
    2. Ugly Swan needs a quiet home where he can get a lot of love and attention.
    3. Ugly Swan needs bad medicine.
    4. You Tube – Ugly Swan needs us.
    5. Ugly Swan needs some persuasion before John Travolta can get him to apologize.
    6. Ugly Swan needs to convert.
    7. Ugly Swan needs a date!
    8. Ugly Swan needs to know that the adults caring for him are acting in his best interests.
    9. Ugly Swan needs his routine to be consistent.
    10. Ugly Swan needs quick cash to buy clothes for his first homecoming party so he starts selling all his parents’ ghost-infected, mechanized junk at a yard sale.
    11. Ugly Swan needs to be fined and then needs an a** woopin.
    12. Mary is head and shoulders above that bleach blond w/ashy roots bimbo and Ugly Swan needs to get his head out of his a$$ and recognize that!
    13. Ugly Swan needs to play around and then get back with Mary!
    14. Ugly Swan needs more discipline.
    15. Ugly Swan needs to answer the door!!!
    16. Ugly Swan needs far more than the one hour of direct speech and language he presently receives.
    17. Ugly Swan needs to iterate due to multiple-scattering and unwanted filtering by narrow windows.
    18. Ugly Swan needs to baffle them with a complete change of demeanor (even if he doesn't feel it for real, just play the nice basketball player), and just play.
    19. The Ugly Swan needs to take note.
    20. Ugly Swan needs to settle down and not be so grave (e.g. SEABROOK BEHIND THE NET! HE WAITS! HE LOOKS! NOW OUTLETS TO KEITH AT THE HAWK LINE!! KEITH TO CENTER, DUMPING IT IN!!!!).

    but not nearly so frightening as my wants...

    1. (Ugly Swan wants better RSS in his SPOT watch).
    2. Ugly Swan wants the sketch thrown out because it's not working.
    3. Apparently what Ugly Swan wants is for business leaders, politicians and anyone with a stake to put on their happy face and just pretend the problems aren't out there.
    4. Ugly Swan wants Solomon to lead him to the diamond, knowing it will make him rich enough to finally leave Africa.
    5. Ugly Swan wants overt, passionate gestures while Gretchen feels silly when romance gets sappy.
    6. With Ben's influence, Ugly Swan wants to be a rodeo star more than ever.
    7. Ugly Swan wants a rib, Ugly Swan wants a steak, Ugly Swan wants a piece of your chocolate cake. Ugly Swan's got soul, Ugly Swan's got soul, Ugly Swan's got soooullllll…
    8. Ugly Swan wants to know how Marcus played it so cool when the college girls were hassling them.
    All Ugly Swan wants is a fun ghost free summer with his friends and family.
    9. I think Ugly Swan wants you to test outside of Ascent, by using just the buttons on the scanner.
    10. Ugly Swan wants Kevin dead.
    11. Ugly Swan wants to be a comedian.
    12. Ugly Swan wants to smooch her, but she won't let him, because they're too visible.
    13. As much as Ugly Swan wants to graduate and follow his dream of becoming a novelist, he is deeply torn.
    14. Ugly Swan wants to replace the 90-seconds of stolen material before the show airs.
    15. Ugly Swan wants to debate but the only problem is: He hasn't a yard to stand on.
    16. Ugly Swan wants to Sexer you up. Poor Ugly Swan.
    17. Ugly Swan wants a cup of water.
    18. Ugly Swan wants to bolt up a supercharger so the guys at the track have no chance to beat him. And to finish off the show side of things, Ugly Swan wants to install an airbag setup.
    19. Ugly Swan wants to build a school - want to help?
    20. In this case, Ugly Swan wants to add more “flair” and more “bling” to their relationship.

    I'm afraid to try "desires."

  • At Sunday, April 15, 2007 5:50:00 PM, Blogger Master Fob said…

    Master Fob doesn't need anything, but Ben needs you.


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