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Monday, November 27, 2006

Darrin is an amazing Bishop

Darrin often runs into students from his ward and always wants to talk to them. They'll chat until I start pulling him away, reminding him that he has a family and other obligations. But truthfully, I'm really glad that he enjoys his calling and more glad that it requires little from me. Sometimes, I'll admit, when I'm home alone at night, I kind of wish he didn't have to spend so much time away. And sometimes I'll go to the institute and wait for him. I usually end up sleeping on a couch, but let's face it, he's worth the wait.

On Saturday Darrin and I met up with a young lady who is in his ward. Darrin has been meeting with her for a few months. She said to him, "So Bishop, it looks like I'll be seeing your for that disciplinary council tomorrow at 3:00." She was smiling. Darrin said, "Yes. You know, if you're not ready yet, we can wait." She answered him, "No. We've spent lots of time preparing. I'm ready, and I'm actually excited." Then she stopped and said, "You will be there right?" "Of course," he answered. "Good," she said, smiling. "Three o'clock then. I'll bring the cookies!"

I don't know what Darrin said in their meetings that led up to this, but I was really happy that he had helped this young sister view her disciplinary council, not as judgemental or punishing, but as a necessary step for her personal progression--whether within the church, or if she chooses, outside of it. And I was happy that she trusted him and wanted him to be beside her during the council.

I do know that I have spent my life with a man who never judges me. He just loves me--in spite of everything I bring to him--my past hurts, my SSA longings, my aching soul...and even though I'm quite certain that somehow I am broken and tainted, he raises me up to his level and allows me to stay at his side. He goes to my counseling sessions with me and listens when I tell him of my struggles and sadness. He holds me when I cry, lends me strength when I am weak. I often wonder who strengthens him. The answer is obvious--one who is much greater than I.

Someday I will know why I was blessed to have Darrin come to me. I'm hoping it was because I did something right, but I have a feeling he's paying penance for must have been something really bad...


  • At Monday, November 27, 2006 6:00:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Darrin sounds like a great Bishop. It is nice to know there are good Bishops in the Church. That is awesome that the young lady in his ward seems to have really understood the meaning of church "discipline." From my own experience I know it isn't a punishment at all, it is what is necessary to avail yourself of the Atonement and be made whole and clean again. I looked forward to my disciplinary council, now I look forward even more to my new council.

  • At Saturday, December 02, 2006 10:39:00 AM, Blogger ambrosia ananas said…

    Wow. He really does sound amazing. It's reassuring to know there are bishops like him.


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