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Wouldn't it be lovely if, with just a twitch of the nose, life, or any aspect of it could be changed. Instead, positive changes always seem to involve tremendously hard work, determination, and endless setbacks. How lovely it would be to have the powers of Samantha Stephens.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


I got up at sunrise, did my morning routine and went for a run. It was breezy and beautiful. I ran about six miles on the backroads. When I got home, I helped Darrin get ready to leave. He's going with his ward to the temple today.

I spent the morning finishing my lesson plans for the piano technique and piano literature classes I'll be teaching next week. Then I went through some potential music for my two ensemble classes to work on. The ensembles will perform on Friday, so they only have about five days to learn their pieces. I really enjoy teaching these seminars at the university. They're intense, long class hours, but really only last a week. Plus, I love working with the students.

The kids got up and wanted to lay around watching TV. I said they were welcome to do so when they were dressed, breakfasted, teeth cleaned, rooms cleaned, and Saturday chores done. They looked at me in disbelief. Don't I know they're on VACATION???? I smiled and told them to get busy. They looked at each other and went back to their beds.

Annie called around 10:30. Tabitha wanted to play. I told her the conditions I'd stated earlier were still in force. She could play when she'd done all that I'd asked. DJ finished his chores, ate breakfast and headed for a rehearsal. He's attending the music seminar this year. He won't be in any of my classes, because he's in the vocal ensembles/classes. Adam was still AWOL. Tabitha unhappily started her jobs.

At 1:30, everyone had finished what I'd asked them to do. Tabitha had made arrangements for me to pick up Annie, then the two of them and Adam wanted to take their bikes out to the greenbelt and ride around. I looked at the weather and said no, but compromised by taking them up to ride on the ridge, where I run. It was a lot harder to ride up there than they had thought it would be. Adam got tired and wanted to go back home--I said he could, but he didn't. Then it started to rain. They wanted to keep riding. We all got soaked. Adam got more upset and went home alone. Annie, Tabitha and I ended up at a small park (which is where I usually turn around on my morning runs), then cut across to Annie's house to pick up some dry clothes. I chatted with Janie while the girls took their time getting "stuff", and got permission for Annie to accompany us to the movie tonight. Janie mentioned that David isn't spending as much time with me lately. I said that was a good thing, but she said she was worried. I suggested we give him his space. He knows where I live, he knows he's welcome, but he's 17. Janie looked unhappy, but agreed.

The girls and I rode home and they played until 4:00. I took Annie home and told her I'd be back around 6:40 to pick her up for the movie. We went home and had dinner.

DJ decided he'd rather not go to the movie. It was at our cut-rate theater and was a Disney flick--The Shaggy Dog. We left him home, and picked up Annie. The movie was cute but kind of stupid. The kids liked it. I actually fell asleep, and Adam woke me up, laughing at me.

After the movie I took Annie home, took us home, and arrived just as Darrin did. We put the kids to bed and talked for a few minutes. Darrin wanted to talk about all the things that are happening right now--me teaching next week--him having to work late next week--us not spending enough time together--my unwillingness to talk about David (nothing to talk about!!)--what's going on in his student ward. I got frustrated, because I'm really tired, and suggested we talk another time. Darrin agreed, so we went to bed. I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.


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