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Magical World

Wouldn't it be lovely if, with just a twitch of the nose, life, or any aspect of it could be changed. Instead, positive changes always seem to involve tremendously hard work, determination, and endless setbacks. How lovely it would be to have the powers of Samantha Stephens.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Date with DJ

DJ and I went out a few weeks ago. We purchased the clothes he's been eyeing, got him a haircut, saw a movie, and went to dinner. All in all we had a wonderful time (and yes, I'm speaking for him, because I am tons of fun to go on a date with!!). We went to dinner at a favorite Chinese restaurant, and as usual, compared the prophetic omens found in our fortune cookies.

Mine was good: You will have good friends and financial security.

DJ's was not so good: Life is not a struggle, it's a wiggle.

DJ snorted when he read his and said, "What the heck is that supposed to mean???" I gloated a bit over mine. He snatched the paper out of my hand, put it in his mouth, chewed it up and swallowed it. Then he offered to share his fortune with me.

Sometimes I have to keep reminding myself that he's sixteen--not six.


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